The Manaka Coffee shop at the Polo Fields shopping centre required a unique and unexpected response to allow the Manaka Coffee brand to compliment the exisiting Polo Fields architecture. The Manaka Coffee architecural language of a confident black enclosure is very similar to the predominantly dark gray exterior finish of the Polo Fields facade. This resulted in the Manaka Coffee shop not having sufficient presence within the shopping centre. A unique proposal of incorporating composite glass panels with a gold coloured metal mesh in the centre allowed the Manaka Coffee branding’s sandy gold colour to be incorporated into the exterior skin of the outside seating area. The composite glass and metal panel has the benefit of allowing uncoloured light to be filtered into the interior seating area whilst appearing as a rich and dynamic metallic box from the outside. This allowed the coffee shop to sit confidently and delicately within the context of the surrounding shopping centre without creating a building that screams for attention. The considered selection of materials allows the intervention to successfully convey the Manaka Coffee brand through the architectural language and create a distinctive and unexpected built form.

The design of the interior spaces required a similar contrast from the exterior of the seating area intervention. This delicate contrast was created by the careful selection of tones and textures that would compliment the Manaka Coffee brand and create a light and inviting interior. Furthermore, the seating area was separated from the coffee shop. This required a suspended ceiling element to act as a connective element between the two spaces and form a unified and legible whole.