The project was created to boost the manufacturing business in the area providing incubator sized factory units to entrepreneurs, which are more affordable when compared to bigger sized units. The plan consists of 10 factory units in total that are categorized into three typologies. Functionality and versatility were taken into account in the square-shaped layout, with building spaces that allow the tenants to engage in a variety of business activities. The factory area is at the ground floor, while the first floor comprises a small office at the front of the unit and an open area for warehouse use.

This project aims to redefine the image of the industrial building with a modern and creative design aesthetic, while enhancing the original functionality of industrial use. The challenge was in setting it apart from the traditional industrial image by introducing a clean-cut and contemporary design that integrated metal wall cladding and glazing. This balances the elements of solidity and transparency. The building was designed with distinct and elegant forms, while having rectangular and practical spaces suited for industrial use. The offices on the first floor overlooks the street from a higher level through the full-height glazed windows, providing a visual connection between the street and office space. The main construction materials include concrete, steel and bricks. Metal cladding is widely used to cover the roof and the walls.