The proposed design for the Manaka Coffee flagship store offers an architectural language that embodies the unique identity of the brand —sophisticated, confident and luxurious simplicity contrasted with a hint of African warmth and heritage.

​This duality evident in the brand is translated into the relationship between the interior and exterior of the building. The outside reflects the progressive yet powerful simplicity of a black surface finish on the majority of the exterior surfaces—contrasted by only the unique brand logo in considered areas—whilst the interior contrasts the stark exterior by introducing various soft elements to convey a sense of African warmth and hospitality.

\A richness is introduced to the exterior through the placement of a courtyard garden, or “oasis”, enclosed by a woven brick screen—a reference to the rich local tradition of woven fabrics. The screen creates a delicate barrier between the parking and the courtyard garden, forming an intriguing structure from Maxwell drive—especially at night when it will be illuminated from inside. The activity of people inside the garden is animated through the filtered screen towards passers by. This same black brick screen transitions into a solid black brick wall towards the western corner of the building offering a backdrop on which the branding will be prominently displayed.